TakeON! what really matters to your business

TakeON! is an exciting new approach that embeds regular routines of conversations that develop culture, leadership capability and continuous improvement practices. 

TakeON! is different because it is designed to:

  • provide short, focused chunks of conversation-based learning so people spend less time out of the office and more time applying what they’ve learned
  • be leader-led, so you don't have to rely on external resources (or internal L&D) for delivery, unless you want to!
  • be sustainable back in the workplace where you can see the results
  • revolve around a stimulating social business platform that provides relevant resources and encourages sharing and collaboration through an online community
  • be more affordable through a subscription based pricing model
  • immediately improve performance

Why TakeON! works

  • builds on current strengths and what is working in your organisation now
  • tackles learning in manageable bite-sized pieces to achieve real understanding
  • leaders set the context and select themes or modules that bridge the gaps within their organisation or team
  • managers learn from each other and share their collective wisdom and expertise
  • shifts the focus towards constant incremental changes in behaviour - quick wins that build confidence and momentum
  • blends leadership development with on-the-job application which supports the 70/20/10 approach to learning

Download our Introduction to TakeON! brochure.

The TakeON! toolbox

TakeON! focuses conversations on the specific challenges facing your business, supported by practical tools and resources. 

TakeON! Management Matters is a new approach for developing managers into better leaders. It comprises a series of  workshops, themed conversations, methodologies, tools, coaching and resources to engage, enable and empower managers at all levels.

TakeON! Business Matters is a holistic approach to business improvement, designed to give your people a voice and make key business concepts relevant to their own role

TakeON! Management Matters

Management Matters turns traditional management development on its head!  It is an innovative new approach to developing managers into better leaders. The program includes a series of learning themes in small chunks – three hour sessions that mean less time away from the office and more time with your team.

Learning Themes

You can choose from a diverse range of themes to build the skills that will best deliver your business strategy and address your organisation’s needs. Click on the themes below for an overview.






Management Matters is supported through the ON2net our online collaboration tool that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences, facilitates peer coaching and support, strengthens relationships and helps break down the barriers across different parts of the business.

Download our Management Matters Brochure. 

TakeON! Business Matters

Mobilising your people and teams by getting them aligned and committed around what really matters to your business is the key to sustainable performance. Now you can literally TakeON! those challenges through a new and pragmatic approach, using routines, tools and processes developed for some of the world’s leading organisations.

With Business Matters, leaders have the framework and resources to engage staff and create meaningful dialogue across the business to tackle business, service, people and performance issues more effectively.  

TakeON! Business Matters has been successfully applied to:

  • Increase sales performance
  • Culture change
  • Develop the business plan
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Drive organisational efficiency
  • Simplify customer processes and procedures
  • Prepare teams for major business changes
  • Improve staff focus on customers and building stronger relationships
  • Improve staff engagement and retention
  • Strengthen brands

Click here to find out more about the range of Business Matters themes and download our Business Matters brochure.


The ON2net™, powered by the Jive, is our exciting new social business platform and online community that supports TakeON! It is where clients download their resources, connect and collaborate with each other, our team and other organisations using TakeON! They can share experiences, success stories, best practice, ideas and ask questions of their TakeON! coach.

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To create a culture of constant incremental improvement and see exceptional change in your business, you need to think a little differently. For a quiet conversation about the things that matter to you contact us.  

What TakeON! clients say

"The brilliance of this approach is that it provides the executive team with the vehicle to constantly implement our strategy through our people. Never was this more important than during the recession. Our TakeON! approach allowed us to quickly change the focus of the organisation around things that really mattered - talking to customers in tough times, ensuring we were safe and secure, driving new efficiencies, and repositioning our brand. The process is part of our DNA and pivotal to how we operate."
Managing Director, leading NZ Bank 

“Management Matters gives leaders the chance to talk to their peers about real life problems they’re facing and it fosters relationships which they can then build on for future collaboration. The peer relationships and support system they develop allows them to ask for help or feedback on important issues they otherwise wouldn’t have discussed.”
Culture and Engagement Specialist, Tourism Holdings Limited

“The biggest impact TakeON! has had on our team and the business is to get people to think… thinking about process improvements and behaviour improvements, and more importantly, get people excited about coming to work.”
CEO – Major finance company

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