At Peak Performance we build long-term strategic relationships with our clients, and much of our work is confidential. Here you’ll find case studies of some of our larger culture transformation projects, which form the core of our business. We also design and deliver smaller scale sales, service and management development programs for a wide range of clients and industries.

Financial services
Financial services - Superannuation
Financial services


The challenge: Develop a customer obsessed culture

This leading global Telco is on a journey to learn new tools and ways to contribute to a step change in their customers’ experiences.

Peak Performance was engaged as a learning partner to create a change program, support the HR & L&D functions and aid in the successful adoption of a new system.
The solution set the foundations for change and the learnings are now being reinforced through targeted activity within groups and ongoing training.

Peak Performance led numerous projects including:

  • organisational learning needs analysis
  • re-designing sales and service induction modules
  • developing and facilitating customised ‘customer obsessed' workshops for managers and all 1200 team members
  • developing and delivering workshops for leaders to enable them to support their teams and lead wider organisational change
  • customisation and facilitation of skills training modules 
  • dealer conference workshop
  • design, delivery and train-the-trainer for end user training for a new systems implementation within the local and overseas contact centres and retail.

The results
The workshops have supported a wave of change that is evident in the customer conversations, language and leader routines that place customers in the core of this client’s thinking. The customised program was delivered with speed and simplicity. High workshop ratings were achieved as measured by Net Promoter Score and customer metrics continue to improve.

Financial services

The challenge: Create greater success for customers, the community and the bank

Although achieving outstanding customer service results, ‘selling' had become negatively perceived by staff to the point that it was recognised as stifling business growth. It was also impacting on their goal of creating more success for their customers, who were often unaware of how the organisation could help them.

Peak Performance provided:

  • a customised series of one-day workshops for leaders focusing on leading the change in sales culture
  • two-day workshops for team members focusing on changing attitudes towards selling, developing confidence in the value created by each individual and the organisation, reinforcing their unique way of doing business, introducing a new sales model and conducting relevant financial conversations with customers
  • a series of workplace reinforcement modules designed to be facilitated in-branch by managers over several months
  • accreditation of internal facilitators
  • design and development of additional learning modules

The results
Conducted over two years, this program was originally delivered to around 3000 retail banking staff across Australia. When the organisation merged with another bank, this program was also introduced to assist with culture integration.

Evaluations were outstanding and results indicated appropriate changes in attitude and behaviour, as well as improved sales performance as measured by revenue, share of wallet, and other lead indicators.

Peak Performance has partnered with this bank since 2006 and has facilitated conference workshops, advised on end user training for a major systems implementation and conducted customer communication training for the business banking group. We continue to design, develop and deliver workshops for various parts of the Bank.

Financial services – Superannuation

The challenge: Develop leadership capability & create a culture that puts the customer first.

This organisation continues to experience significant growth and change. Peak Performance was engaged several years ago to help prepare managers within the group to effectively communicate the change process and demonstrate positive leadership skills to staff.

Another business was acquired and as part of the integration process our client wanted to empower their people to become aware of their impact on the customer experience and equip them with the practical and soft skills to meet and exceed customer expectations on every interaction. 

Peak Performance was engaged to:

  • develop and facilitate a customised management development program (five two-day modules delivered regularly nationwide) 
  • develop and facilitate customised  Customer First culture change workshops for all 1100 team members
  • customise and facilitate skills training modules including coaching workshops for team leaders 
  • skills transfer and coaching for internal facilitators.

In 2015 Peak Performance was engaged again to assist with the people and culture integration of a newly acquired business which doubled the size of the organisation.

The results
The feedback and business results from the management development program were extremely positive, resulting in the Group MD agreeing funding for ongoing managers workshops over several years and the extensive Customer First program with Peak Performance.  The Customer First program raised the standards of service, improving performance and customer advocacy. We raised the bar on what the client expected from training delivery and set a new benchmark from which they measure their internal facilitators and any other training providers they use. Peak Performance continues to be engaged as a strategic partner.


The challenge: Reposition level of service

The airline was going through a major restructure to remain competitive, and one of the challenges was to reposition its level of service as it moved from a full service model to ‘no frills'. They needed to gain buy-in from staff and determine how they could continue to create value for customers.

Peak Performance provided:

  • strategic consulting
  • keynote presentations to senior leaders
  • customised service workshops for managers and front line people including cabin crew baggage handlers, check-in staff etc
  • a train-the-trainer program for in-house team to deliver workshops internationally.

The results
The workshops were conducted for all front line people in several countries. Staff engagement and customer response was extremely positive and objectives were achieved. The airline remains successful.

Financial services

The challenge: Increase customer value to lift satisfaction

Despite performing well financially, customer satisfaction survey results placed this first tier bank near the bottom when compared with their competition.

Initially the requirement was to gain buy-in to a series of new customer service standards but it was soon clear that to significantly improve performance with premium customers, they needed to compete on value not price. The challenge was to shift people's thinking and develop a whole new customer ethos that would help them gain a competitive advantage.

Peak Performance provided:

  • strategic consulting
  • keynote presentations to senior leaders
  • customised ‘customer value' workshops for and all team members in the premium group, co-facilitated by Peak Performance and managers
  • train-the-trainer program for in-house team to deliver workshops for retail staff.

The results
The success with the premium group was such that they decided to roll out the program across the bank, using in-house facilitators. Over a period of about three years, the bank became number one for customer service in industry surveys.

Results were noted by head office and Peak Performance was asked to design and deliver sales training for around 3000 business bankers in Australia.

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