Peak Performance understands the vital link between loyal customers and financial performance. We can inspire and empower your people to deliver “legendary” customer service. We partner with leading organisations that want to develop an exceptional customer service culture.

Customer service training benefits

The benefits of better customer service ripple throughout an organisation and can help build better relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. 

The Peak Performance approach is to build superior value and strong relationships that lead to loyal customers and a better bottom line. Our customer service training delivers:

  • happy, confident and effective staff
  • close-knit teams that work towards common goals
  • strengthened staff and customer loyalty  
  • better business relationships
  • increased referrals, sales and profits
  • better net promoter scores and other customer metrics

How we do it

Regardless of your business environment, we believe the only way to become the best is by creating superior value for your customers and other key stakeholders. Our sole aim is to make your people, your customers and your organisation more successful.

Our Peak Performance customer service training is suitable for people at all levels, including front line managers who keep the learning alive in the workplace. We can train a specific team, such as your customer service group or contact centre, or your whole organisation.

Peak performing customer service skills
Second to None is a proven, powerful sales and service culture change program that forms the foundation of our customer service offering. The program will teach everyone in your team to focus on creating superior value for your customers.

Supporting the foundation Second to None program, our practical service skills workshops are suitable for customer service and contact centre teams.

Clients who have used this service include
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, National Australia Bank (nab), Sensis, Australian Administration Services (AAS), Telecom, Air New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, American International Assurance, Fisher & Paykel Finance, Inland Revenue Department, CP Ships, Fidelity Life, Yellow Pages, Electrix, DHL and Vodafone New Zealand.

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