We all know good leadership is vital to business success but it also dictates how well your organisation can adapt and transform. Change in business is a given. It’s how people respond that matters – and that comes down to strong leadership.

Peak Performance’s leadership and management training ensures your key people are fully equipped to lead confidently and effectively.

Leadership development benefits

Elevate the performance of your leadership and management teams and your whole organisation will quickly follow.

  • Help your key people to become industry leaders
  • Inspire and empower your managers to build powerful relationships 
  • Gain efficiencies through better internal communication
  • Retain key people and organisational knowledge

How we do it

Peak Performance has a wide range of material to develop key management and leadership skills. Our modular workshops and reinforcement activities are designed to close each client’s particular skill gaps.

Our material is easily tailored for different levels and covers an extensive range of essential skills for new managers and emerging leaders, as well as more senior leaders with little formal training.

Leadership and management development courses
Extend your star players professionally and personally with our wide range of programs including:

  • Peak Performance Management – over 10 days of material and topics to choose from including employee engagement, effective communication, performance management, interviewing techniques, change management, being a leader, time management and managing projects.
  • Management for Experienced Managers – a two-day overview of the latest theory and practical tips for mid to senior managers with lots of experience but little formal management training.
  • The XX Factor – designed for organisations wanting to encourage more women to move up the ranks.
  • Maximise the Value of Your Business Relationships – covers essential communication and relationship building skills for those in sales, service and leadership roles.
  • Enhance Client Relationships – builds business development skills for senior people in professional services firms.
  • Second to None – our popular culture change program’s leadership and front line management modules.


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