Mergers & Acquisitions culture integration

Research from leading integration firm Pritchett shows that over 40% of corporate executives say culture integration is the number one problem in Mergers and Acquisitions. At Peak Performance we quickly identify the people issues that could make or break your deal and tailor a practical culture integration solution.

Mergers & Acquisitions culture integration benefits

Our Mergers & Acquisitions culture integration services reduce risk and ensure a customer focused approach to decision making. Other benefits include the following.

  • Reduced loss of pre- and post-completion business momentum, especially in the key areas of sales and service.
  • Less uncertainly for key management, delivery and support teams.
  • A united and action orientated culture gives people a sense of positive direction.
  • When challenges arise you have a trusted skill set, framework and advisor to help manage them.
  • Speed up synergies that unlock the promises of the transaction.

How we do it

Peak Performance has an excellent track record of effecting culture change. Our extensive market knowledge, networks and experienced consultants give our clients peace of mind at ‘mission critical’ times.

We have access to international best practice and use ground breaking tools, such as the Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools, to measure and monitor cultural capital.

 Mergers & Acquisitions services

Our Mergers & Acquisitions services are customised to both the target and the acquirer and may include:

  • Culture Assessment to gain a snapshot of an organisation’s current culture and potential issues to be addressed, as well as the desired future culture
  • culture comparisons to identify similarities and differences across organisations, geographies, levels, teams and other useful demographics
  • Precision Profiling of executives and team members to quickly determine the best fit for key roles and how to retain and motivate those you want to stay
  • training management in M&A culture integration – what to expect and how to maximise the chances of objective, measurable success
  • training team members about what to expect and how to harness the emotional stress and challenges of the merger/acquisition to maximise both their personal and organisational success
  • communication plans and programs that candidly tell team members what is and will be happening throughout the integration to reduce uncertainty and speed up the transition period
  • customer centric initiatives to strengthen relationships, focus staff and retain customers
  • focusing the entire team on the goals of the business and not the problems of the merger/acquisition

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